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Stuffed Cakes is located in Henderson Corner in West Seattle - 3 miles south of the West Seattle Bridge. We have a variety of cupcakes available for sale Thursday-Saturday and you can buy as few or as many as you like. We are not open to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but we are still available to take your phone order. 


Because we are a custom cake shop and not a cupcake shop, we do things a little differently. Our in-shop flavors change all of the time - our custom orders dictate what we make for the shop every day. We always offer our "Flavor of the Month," have at least one Gluten Free flavor and one Vegan flavor, and we offer Gluten-Free/Vegan ones Friday afternoons and Saturdays.


We do not have any pre-made cakes for sale, you must place an order at least one week in advance.

Order Time

Every order is baked from scratch and made just for you! All orders need at least 1 week notice and large or elaborate orders need at least 2 weeks notice. We can book up 2-6 weeks in advance, so place your order as soon as you know your event date. Call for availability. 

Note: Need your order sooner? We might be able to squeeze in your last-minute order if our schedule allows. A 20% Rush Fee will be added to all orders placed the week-of the event.


We DO NOT take orders via email. Please call Tues-Sat or stop by the shop to place an order Thurs-Sat.


We have a $150 minimum for all orders. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders. The non-refundable deposit cannot be transferred to another order, but you may be able to change your pick-up/delivery date if our schedule allows. Full payment is due at time of pick-up and delivered orders need to be fully paid prior to delivery. We accept: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover cards.


Production of all orders begin on Tuesdays so we require 1 week notice for cancellations. You must speak directly with an associate for a cancellation to be processed - email and voice mail does not guarantee cancellation as we might not get the message in time. We cannot refund the deposit, as you are securing your pick-up date with us and we book up quickly. Orders cannot be changed the week of pick-up/delivery. If you have not paid in full for your order and cancel within the 1 week window, you will be responsible to pay the balance due.

No-shows are responsible to pay the balance due.


We no longer offer delivery services. Please contact a courier service or friend/family member if you are not able to pick-up your order.

We  DO NOT ship cakes, cupcakes or toppers.

Transporting & Storing

We do our best to package your cakes and cupcakes securly for easy pickup. Here are tips for picking up your order:


  1. Make sure you have a flat area large enough for your order. Seats are not flat, and can risk the cake sliding or tipping during transport. We DO NOT recommend placing cakes larger than 8" on your front or back seat, and absolutely no: tiered, carved/shaped, or 3-dimensional designs transported on seats, passanger laps, or unstable areas (such as stacked on top of other party items).

  2. Keep the car cool. We specialize in buttercream covered cakes, and even our fondant covered cakes have a generous layer of frosting. Keep it cool and the humidity as low as possible.

  3. Make sure there are no items that can slide or bump into your cakes and cupcakes.

  4. Do not stack boxes while transporting as they can slide off or crush each other. We will provide a bag for more than two orders of cupcakes which are made to fit the boxes we use.

  5. Use the non-slip mat provided for under your cake box(es) during transport. They work wonderfully!

  6. Take it easy. Don't stop short or take turns too quickly. These edible works of art are delicate.

  7. When carrying your cake(s), hold by the base of the box with two hands. Do not lean the sides against yourself (this can bump/smash the sides of the cake). Open the front of the box and slide the cake out.


  • Store cupcakes at room temp. They are fresh for 2-3 days, or 5 if you wrap the boxes in plastic.

  • Store cakes in the refridgerator. They are fresh for 5 days. They are best served at room temp, so please remove 1-2 hours prior to serving.


We are more than happy to load your order in your car for safe travel. We are not responsible for damage to any order that is picked up and/or set-up by customers. If your cakes/cupcakes becomes damaged we may be able to repair it if time allows, but you may incur a charge.


Stuffed Cakes donates to local schools and affiliations, and we love to give back to the community throughout the year. We are not taking new donations requests at this point in time, however; we do donate left-over cupcakes at the end of the day on Saturdays. Check with us at 2:45pm on Saturdays if we have any cupcakes to donate. You will need to provide a procurement form and/or tax deductible receipt for any sized donation.

Where Did Your Blog Go?

We switched from a blog format website to our current site in 2014 but kept our blog page for you to keep enjoying some of our older cakes. You can still access it from here, but it will no longer be featured in our main menu. To see some of our newer cakes, check out our Instagram account and Facebook page or even our Gallery on here. Maybe you'll even see your cake featured!

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