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It was a gut-wrenching decision to close down my thriving cake shop, but for my personal health and for my family - the time had come. We celebrated an amazing 7 years for my shop, Stuffed Cakes, with the biggest and best Grand Closing Party ever the end of July 2018.


I'm taking Stuffed Cakes in an exciting new direction - welcome to the family, Stuffed Studio! I'll desperately miss seeing all of you wonderful people on a regular basis, but hope you'll get to see me even more often in your mobile devises and in-person events and classes! Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter for advance notice of classes, events, and other fun new things.


To read more about this exciting new adventure, please check out the West Seattle Herald's wonderful interview of yours truly by Patrick Robinson, here: https://www.westsideseattle.com/robinson-papers/2018/07/26/donna-lawson-reinventing-herself-stuffed-cakes-shop-will-close

Placing an Order

We will no longer taking orders for cakes and cupcakes.

I will be focing on sharing my creations online via a YouTube chanel, online tutorials, in-person classes, and so much more! While I set up my new Stuffed Studio, all transactions are on hold. Please sign up for my email newsletter, Stuffed Mail for advance notice of events and designs for sale.


Full payment is due at time of order. We accept: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover cards.


Stuffed Cakes donates to local schools and affiliations, and we love to give back to the community throughout the year. We are not taking new donations requests at this point in time, however; we do donate left-over cupcakes at the end of the day on Saturdays. Check with us at 2:45pm on Saturdays if we have any cupcakes to donate. You will need to provide a procurement form and/or tax deductible receipt for any sized donation.

Where Did Your Blog Go?

We switched from a blog format website to our current site in 2014 but kept our blog page for you to keep enjoying some of our older cakes. You can still access it from here, but it will no longer be featured in our main menu. To see some of our newer cakes, check out our Instagram account and Facebook page or even our Gallery on here. Maybe you'll even see your cake featured!

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